Rules of the competition.



All artists of legal age, can participate in the 7th edition of the contest being able to submit one or more artworks. The artwork should be recently created by the artist presented at the contest, being it not awarded in any competition before.

Each artist can present a maximum of 5 artworks. Artists cannot be awarded for more than one artwork in the same contest edition.


The purpose of the competition is the selection of an artwork which represents some of the features of Art shoes. There are four categories:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Handmade
  3. Recycled
  4. Lightness

Creativity, quality, performance, functionality, ease of understanding, connection with the brand.

All Artworks submitted to the competition should maintain the same format: 40 cm large, 40 cm weight and 40 cm height (artworks that don’t keep this format will be automatically disqualified from the competition). Candidates will have free election of materials and technique to create their work.


There will be 4 prizes one per category.

  • First prize: 3.000 €
  • Accesits:
    • First mention: 1.000 €
    • Second mention: 1.000 €
    • Third mention: 1.000 €

The names of the winners will be exposed on campaign images (example: name, surname). The pictures of the awarded artworks will be used as The Art Company B&S image campaign.


Participation in this contest involves the transfer of royalties over artworks and express global authorization, indefinite, exclusively and free of charge of all intellectual property rights on the designs published on the website so that the participant transfer to The Art Company B&S the rights of design in the forms of reproduction, public communication and distribution that may apply to participate in the contest.

Personal information of candidates will be part of the ‘Shoestorming’ file of The Art Company which is responsible for keeping it and using it only for competition purposes. Participants will be able to modify or cancel their candidature for the competition.

By submitting their artworks, candidates declare their agreement with the rules of the competition and accept the final decision of the jury.

The organization of the competition undertakes to protect the artworks submitted to the competition, although, have no responsibilities for any loss, deterioration or other causes that affect the artworks as well as any damage caused during the transport, storage or exhibition of the same.


The artworks presented will be exposed to a preselection by the jury; complaints arriving after jury’s decision will not be accepted.

The jury will be composed of different industry experts or teachers from Spanish universities related to the creativity field and design professionals.

The jury’s mission will be:

  • Admission of the artworks,
  • Evaluation of the projects,
  • Cancellation of the competition in case the artworks don’t have enough level or quality, always providing the reason for the decision,
  • Winners announcement,
  • Interpretation of the competition rules; being jury’s decision no subject to appeal.



The registration deadline of the 7ª Shoestorming edition starts on the 28th of October, 2016 at 12.00 (gtm+1) and ends on the 23rd of November 2016 at 12.00h (gtm+1). Artworks will not be accepted after this deadline. The company reserves the right to extend these deadlines if appropriate.

Unlike previous editions of Shoestorming, the inscription of the 7ª edition will be exclusively online. Candidates will be able to submit their candidature through the official site of Shoestorming:

Candidates should complete all questions of the survey provided through the website.

The following documentation is necessary accompanied by the inscription:

  • Photo of the artwork in digital format JPG between 500 kb and 1,5 Mb (different views of the project)
  • Title of the artwork and a short description of it (optional)
  • Measures of the artwork (weight and height)
  • Short artistic CV no more than 2.000 characters.

The inscription will be confirmed by email in which the number of registration will be provided.

The execution of the artworks should be from the 28th October to the 23rd November 2016.
On the 25th of November, Jury will select 30 projects which will be given the awarded of preselected projects. The list with the name of the selected projects will be announced on the official website of the competition and The Art Company B&S will contact directly with the selected participants.

Between the days 5th of November and 7th of December 2016, participants will send the original prototype to be evaluated by the jury.

Prototypes should be properly packaged. This package will be used to return the artworks. The Art Company B&S is not responsible for any damage that might be caused during the transport or inappropriate package.

On the 9th of December, Jury will take the final decision and winners will be announced. The jury’s decision will be indisputable and will be announced through the official site of the competition as well as the social networks of the company.

In the case that the prototype differs from the one presented in the inscription or breaks any rule of the competition, the jury will decide what to do with it. In case it is declined, the jury will use some of the two artworks held in reserve.

On the 20th of December, The Art Company B&S will communicate through its website, social networks and other channels of communication, the winner of the competition and accesit prizes. Furthermore, The Art Company B&S will directly inform winners via email.

The Art Company B&S, if deems appropriate, will create a corporative dossier with selected artworks of the 7ª edition.



The shipment of the artworks will be refunded by participants as well as the transport insurance. The Art Company is not responsible for any loss or damage that might happen.

The Art Company B&S S.A.
Polígono Moreta s/n
Quel, 26570 (La Rioja)



After the jury’s decision, the artworks will be returned in a period of 15 days to their owners who can take them back personally or authorizing someone else to do it. In case the author requires a shipping agency to send the artwork back, the author will pay the fees of the delivery (including transport insurance or customs duty).

Once the period of 15 days ends, artworks that have not been returned to their owners will remain at The Art Company’s disposal.